My name is James Creighton Mitchell, Jr.;

I am proud to be an American citizen in America today, the home of civilization’s greatest opportunity for individual achievement in a diverse population of people and ideas.

I am formally announcing my candidacy as an Independent candidate for President of the United States. I am 72 years old. I am a retired potable water treatment operator with an Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy in 1974. I believe I am in a select group of military veterans running for President of the United States, perhaps the only Independent candidate.

I am running for President in 2016 because I love my family and all of you. Therefore, it is critical to secure America’s future for all of us by winning the 2016 election for President of the United States of America!

This 2016 election is critical because the Judeo Christian values that were the basis for our Constitution have been taken away from us by politically correct speech harassment, implemented by appeasement laws passed by Congress that divide families by legislative doctrine, belittling belief in the concept of God with hate speech against family values and then validated these laws by specious Supreme Court decisions.

The Constitution of the United States is our secular bible, referencing a relation to God, independent by design of a doctrinal statement of faith. The body of the Constitution and the first 10 Amendments can be likened to the traditional Old Testament, and the subsequent Amendments from number 11 on and Supreme Court decisions make up the remaining Chapters in the secular American Bible.

Our Constitutional shepard’s are the military veterans past and present who fought to make the Constitution a secular relationship for daily governance and who continue to protect it for future generations, always with an acknowledgement that God wants us to live peaceful lives sharing the wondrous bounty of the Garden of Eden we call Earth.

The tree that all of the forbidden fruit grows on are the laws that promote greed thru the tax code; discrimination by definition by class of people – homeless veterans, immigrants, refugees, illegal aliens, mentally ill. When we embrace these laws with compliance, we have eaten from this forbidden fruit, ignoring respect, honesty and living truthfully. Each of these classes of citizens are punished by complicated laws constructed by mistrust and enforced with punitive governmental powers. The legislators clothe themselves with advantage, perks, benefits and political immortality with greed from the serpent.

So as the Shepherds (veterans) are destroyed (diminished with medical neglect) their flock of citizens is offered up as sacrifice for political gluttony!

If we can protect the shepherds we can protect the sheep (civilian population).

I am running for President because I love them and all of you. It is critical to secure America’s future for them and you!

Family Life

My wife of 33-1/2 years and I raised 4 children, all of whom are actively and successfully employed. Sadly, she succumbed to breast cancer 10 years ago. Following her death, I was fortunate to meet a wonderful woman with two grown children of her own. We were married 5 years ago.

Strong Faith

We learned through biblical Abraham that each and every one of us needs a personal reference point, not beholden to anyone or anything on earth and NOT to impose that personal reference point, GOD, on anyone else. Just be faithful to YOUR beliefs.

There is a great deal of discussion about the three biblical religions linked by Abraham. My candidacy begins and ends there because locally, nationally and internationally all of our history, daily living and future are with the ideas that defined biblical man as Abraham and how he reacted to his beliefs to move civilization forward. Not long after Abraham, humans were presented with the 10 Commandments.

I believe the 10 commandments are succinctly unique. The first four commandments reference the concept of a personal GOD and admonish us with individual responsibility regarding, NO defining or imposition of that relationship on or towards anyone else. The remaining six describe people to people and people to property relationships – integrity of character and responsibility for that character.

One man and one woman, family, are enumerated as the building block for all social relationships. This husband/wife relationship in a family is the ultimate respected authority within any community.





A Love for Education

I am a common man for these uncommon times, a Patriot looking for support and encouragement.

I have the listening skills to differentiate among multitude points; the ability to compose a workable plan from them; and, the leadership endurance to reach a sustainable agreement.

If the alternate is unavoidable, I have the leadership initiative and people skills to compose a directed unilateral plan of action to protect the Constitution as our unified statement and the American people participating in its embrace.

Voting while not required by the Constitution is a protected right that is validated at EVERY election in America. Elections are the most effective process to reinforce government transparency and accountability. We ALL must vote at every election to validate the respect for our military sacrifices and our continued support of our Constitution. Be a Patriot.

I Ask You for Your Support

I humbly ask for your support to heal our wounds, to mend international differences, rebuilding it all with dignity, freedom and respect, of and for the law. I believe it is a Patriotic task for every citizen to participate in the election process even if only going to the polling place on Election Day and choosing not to cast a ballot.

If you are not a Patriot, please become one and join my winning team. We will become better Patriots by being informed, getting involved and making a difference in our communities and nation.

Thank you,
James Creighton Mitchell, Jr.