The Veterans Administration should be under the management of the military. The military knows what 24/7 means and taking care of your own. The civilian operation while well meaning, hides the management issues and does not work efficiently to manage the care and needs of veterans or their families. This deficiency in nonmilitary programs needs to be corrected before those welfare programs drain federal, state and local coffers and by completely destroying individual responsibility, accountability and lack of motivation for self-improvement.
We need a 100% draft into the military for a minimum of a two year active duty commitment because to remove potential recruits from gang recruitment.

The big Pharma cartel needs to be reigned in. Health care as a necessary social institution needs to be respected and distributed equitably and utilized efficiently. If we are going to replace the current health care program, we need to have something in its place when the change over takes place. We can begin with our HS students educating them how and why to maintain a better life style, stressing why there are increased costs for not doing so and why there is reduction in a quality lifestyle as they age. These would also include a baseline physical to either maintain or improve upon. After mandatory military service, individuals should have a solid grasp of the dividends that a healthy lifestyle provides – economically and socially.

We need to protect the life of conceived humans yet unborn thru their entire gestation.

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