We need decriminalize recreational DRUGS including medical marijuana to be available FREE. Dispensed from all Federal health clinics to break the back economically of the illegal drug trade. We will have a better opportunity to offer rehabilitation to those who want to quit and removing the criminal stigma from users. Families may be able to get back together.

Peace may return to our inner city neighborhoods. Employment opportunities should increase removing the temptation of violence.
All recipients for any kind of Federal aid need to pass drug free testing to maintain assistance and housing or be involved in voluntary rehabilitation programs to continue. Healthier lifestyles will be encouraged with reduced tobacco and alcohol consumption. These are life style choices that should not be provided with tax dollars. If an individual needs these, then public assistance obviously is not needed.

Domestic crime and war need to be crushed. While resources are being used for police protection and incarceration and internationally for war resources, the humanitarian needs will not be adequately met. Peace and tranquility are needed for commerce to continue and thrive lifting everyone up. Locally, individuals following most of the last six commandments as a personal commitment to peaceful coexistence will go a long way to reducing tensions in homes, neighborhoods and communities all across America. Just saying ‘NO TO CRIME’ might put a lot of police out of work, redirecting scarce resources. Traffic carelessness and white collar crime not withstanding! I leaned in boot camp that wishful thinking is a nice dream but reality is what you better manage and manage better.



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