4 September 2015

Why the Arms Deal with Iran is Wrong.

1. How ironic, using diplomacy to prevent some activity from happening and yet it is the activity to be prevented that continues with meaningless enforcement. From the treaty of Westphalia onward,
treaties between sovereign states and others were diplomatic treaties because either one side had the hand of strength, like the conclusion of the Seven Years War signed in Paris in 1763, or all sides had enough bloodshed and wanted to stop.
2. The Iran deal for its contents and enforcement provisions may meet 3rd World criteria for preserving honor but does not rise above barnyard stench for any achievements for its proposed goals or immediate outcomes. There are no realistic provisions to discourage cheating by Iran and there are no immediate or swift enforcement actions to discourage or punish Iran conclusively for cheating.
3. Iran has started WWIII. The world’s humanity is being victimized by WW III. The persistent daily reports of human suffering trying to escape the Middle East for safety, is a desperate migration away from hateful Muslim extremism and from other areas on Planet Earth with similar civilian horror, should be sufficient reason to walk away from this deal and attack Iran tomorrow.
4. America had a responsible interest to prevent this deal from happening because of an existing variety of treaties already in place within the world community of sovereign nations before this false agreement, called the Iran Deal, was even discussed much less implemented.
5. The continued slaughter of innocents, many Christians and other non-Muslims, is the worst kind of hate speech. The world has seen the outcomes of slaughter many times over since the end of WWII which should have been the end of this kind of civilian butchery on Planet Earth.
6. Communities in America are going crazy because BLACK LIVES MATTER. Don’t these lives also matter? Their horror is worse because of Muslim religious ideology is not a consideration of their free choice. If the ideology of the “N word” in America was banned as hate speech, “How else should the slaughter of non-Muslims by Muslims be considered in the rest of the world or tolerated?”
7. The Iran deal is blood on American hands for not negotiating the immediate cessation of this slaughter.
8. The continued slaughter of innocent non-combatants at the hands of religious Muslim Radicals reopens the wounds of 100 years ago, the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians by Turkish Muslims. Why have we forgotten this event so quickly, that slaughter, after the recent 100 year anniversary? Aren’t anniversaries supposed to remind us of history either with its positive or negative influences so we can grow and learn from them and not to promote the continuation of stupidity, arrogance or atrocities?
9. Why are some members of Congress allowing IRAN the freedom to continue this carnage either directly or through financed proxies? We all understand the horrors of nuclear weapons. We could end the Iranian threat right now!

10. So what is the real extortion on America and the remainder of the world? Congress has the responsibility to defend and enforce a truthful agreement and not turn their back on lies and duplicity, deferring their immediate responsibility to future leaders. This is a poorly mortgaged future. We know how bad the American financial crises are. The alleged $160 billion sanction bribe for better behavior by Iran should be used for humanitarian purposes, administered for repatriations for the displaced. The humanitarian cost of the Iranian deal is staggering and will continue to hemorrhage world wide when Iran gets this money.
11. Can Americans who are against this deal realistically believe that our members of Congress who indicate they are for this sham of an agreement are not bribed somehow for their vote of support?
12. Cessation of all hostilities should have been the first requirement to continue any peace talks. The United States and perhaps the other signatories do not understand or fail to comprehend or are ignoring the pervasive hate that Iran has for the Western view of world coexistence, Constitutional freedom vs. religious hegemony.
13. Iran is not extending any olive branch of peace! Any olive branch of peace we offer without demanding a stop to the slaughter is betraying our principles stated in our Declaration of Independence and codified in America’s governance by the U.S. Constitution; and, any peace treaties we concluded with other sovereign governments since the end of WWI. They publicly continue to talk down to us and thumb their noses at enforcement provisions.
14. Iran’s constitution is based on hate of Israel and religious hegemony over anyone else. Any agreement we make with Iran while that statement of hate exists is a tacit agreement of that hate which betrays our support of Israel and the free and oppressed world. Why do some members of our administration engage in Sharia Law double speak, to project and protect their honor of diplomacy, not war? Arrogant duplicity!!
15. America takes great pride in celebrating Black History month. I hope the Iran deal will never be included with that American celebration and sully its importance of telling the American past because our 1st black? President negotiated this for his presidential legacy! America’s past abuses with slavery, forced Indian migration, KKK and ignoring civil rights, pales in comparison to the past 3 years at the hands of Muslim extremists. Have we not learned anything? This rhetoric called diplomacy smells like money for some at the cost of innocent human lives.
16. Wake up Congress! The American people are neither naive nor dumb about his matter. Your vote in favor of the Iran deal is a repugnant misuse of power not respecting the wishes of the MAJORITY of Americans. With your MINORITY VOTE, impeding a Congressional override, BINDS America through the U.S. Constitution, Article VI. Paragraph 2 “ … ; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the Supreme Law of the Land; …” . This is frightening, a minority position committing all of America to a bad deal!
17. Why wasn’t a neutral third party arrangement been proposed to refine nuclear fuel, build and operate a nuclear power grid to rebuild the Middle East or Africa, bringing improved living conditions, stable communities, potable water, sewage treatment, JOBS, industry and shared prosperity without religious hegemony? That’s an American dream that we could be proud to share! Not the current Iran deal.

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